Migration from Windows 2003 server to *Nix ;)

Finally … finishing my work to migrate www.metrotvnews.com to open source system .. we go to the data center at manggala wanabakti at 7 pm, and then done finishing all migration in 5 a.m in morning .. 🙂 great … we use framework .. with a best performance ..  just visit www.metrotvnews.com to check it out .. 😉… Read More »

Protecting Yourself from SQL Injection Attacks

Protecting Yourself from SQL Injection Attacks By Ross Overstreet What is SQL Injection? If you are designing a Web site, or already have an existing Web site, you may be worried about potential “attacks” from rogue users. Too often, Web site developers focus solely on the security issues of the chosen operating system and Web server the site… Read More »

Page being hijacked! d99_tmp | sql injection, etc ..

i’ve got this solutions from webmaster forums written by Fred, hope it’s help you. please comment to this post also … Here are the solutions: To immediately and temporarily stop the problem block the following IP address using reliable router. I used “Cisco 506e” If you using an ISP, you may be able to persuade them by explaining… Read More »

10 Orang Terkaya Indonesia Tahun 2008

Majalah Forbes Asia baru saja merilis daftar orang terkaya di Asia tahun 2008. Untuk 10 orang terkaya di Indonesia, nama Sukanto Tanoto bertengger di nomor 1. Kekayaan bersih bos Raja Garuda Mas (RGM) itu sebanyak $2 miliar atau sekitar Rp 22 triliun. Meski, harta pengusaha kertas dan sawit tersebut sebenarnya anjlok 57 persen dibanding tahun lalu yang mencapai… Read More »

Blogs GRATIS | Inilahkita.Com

Inilahkita.Com launhing new Blogs, setiap orang bisa memiliki Blogs nya sendiri dengan NamaAnda.Inilahkita.Com … Ayooo segera gabung dan daftarkan Blogs Anda sendiri … 😉 Maju terus teknologi informasi di Indonesia and keep blogging …