T.R.U.S.T and Persistence

create your own crypto coins ..


i have tested .. configure .. compile .. running bitcoin, bitconnect, litecoin, cryptocoin .. etc.. but still have a minimum information for developers. really hope that the real “satoshi nakamoto” helps new developers how to start their new crypto currencies.

There is a documentation blockchain, bitcoin,etc. but it’s all in general. example for developers is there too but i think still not details for a developers. maybe because developers still busy create and maintain their “crypto money”  so they don’t write documentations for this or other reasons i don’t know …

some errors appears in developments – error codes etc also have a no reply ..

well today i will start my documentations for development a new crypto coin .. maybe we can just choose one existing coins to starts.

hope other developers can join me to make this more simple to developers with your IT Skills and helps others too.


Rio – contact me rioyotto@gmail.com


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