Howto handle /usr/bin/php /home/$user/public_html/index.php problem (solved)

wow this is a long record for me to find out problems that almost 3 days to fixing this problems .. i don’t even know why this problem suddenly shutdown website that i maintain …

almost 3 days thinking, browsing and find out for the solutions ..

many resources ask to check the permissions .. folder permissions and file permissions..i have check it but still the same ..

almost every 30 seconds i have to kill the process by user. i put it in crontab but its not a solutions .. update php, update cpanel .. change themes, deactive plugins .. all this things i have done .. but still occurs this process …kill the process doesnt solved the problems .. its keep shownup on process that i check using whm or from command line .. 

but finally its done … buy upgrade the control panel. if you still have the problem just let me know.


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