dream comes true …

Dream comes true .. yes. believe it or not. I was working for Media Company more then 5 years, before decided to have an experience with company outside of Indonesia.

Before i’m back to this lovely office, i’ve got a dream. In that dream i’m laughing with friends in the old company (media company). After wake up … i smile in my heart and talk in my heart if it is true or not?

The next 2 days i receive a call from my ex Boss asking if i want to met him at the new company. I said ok lets met.

On that meeting day, he tell me about some problems in the company, i give some opiniion and some solution and he ask me to join again. I Agree and here i am, back to the Media company.

i love to it .. dream comes true.

better is not good enough, the best is yet to come.

thanks God.


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