Solved : Softaculous There were some errors in decompressing the package files.

i’ve got this error when install WHMCS on my server using softaculous : “There were some errors in decompressing the package files.”

this is how i solved this:

i’m going to shell prompt (linux shell)

and rename the package with this command: mv /var/whmcs /var/whmcsriorename

then i go to — you should have root access ..

then go to Plugins Menu – Softaculous, at the right frame, go to Software Menus, find WHMCS and the package size will be empty ..

now click on two checked input on the right of WHMCS package, then do the update .. 😉

after that, running again the installation with softaculous… it’s should working now ..

you can also do this for another packages with that error messages …

hope it’s working … it is for me 😉

Rio Yotto –


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